Pig's Egg by Katherine Sully

Spring Break was a wonderful time to get creative!  

And when you're spending time with the person who gifted you
with the creativity ... it can go wild!
My mom and I worked together for the activities available in this 
word working literacy unit based on the story of

It all started with the words...
"Hey Mom,  take a look at this pig...I'd like to have the kids create this pig for a writing project..."  and mom took it from there!  

She created the pig patterns along with a turnip you can have the kids craft.  The idea behind the writing is to get the kids to think of something else that might have "hatched" from Pig's Egg!
I went a little crazy with some of the word working ideas that you can use while working with this story!  But it was too much fun!

This is the cutest story EVER! and my new favorite for this time of the year! 

Hop over to see what my mom and I cooked up to go along with it :)


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