Reading Pizza!

Writing about Pizza is really making me hungry for the real stuff.  Maybe for dinner?  Well, this week in Room 331 we have been talking about Reading Pizza.  It is a spin off of Tanny McGregor's Reading Salad in Comprehension Connections.  Which is an AMAZING book! Go grab a copy if you don't have one:)

Check out how cute my Reading Pizza turned out.  I made it out of construction paper and yarn.  I love it when it works out this nicely.  I introduced it in a large group and my students then used it during centers.

 The concept is pretty basic.  As the children read words from a text they add pepperonis to represent the text.  If they begin to think or make connections they add a green pepper.  

Head over to The Schroeder Page to read more about how I am using it in my classroom.  You can watch a video and preview  my Reading Pizza File. 

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