St Patty's Day Phoneme Segmentation

My kinderkids have been working really hard to isolate and name the sounds they hear at the beginning and end of words.  I began instruction by teaching them to put their hands together and stretch them apart as they slowly say a word.  This way they could match the sound their mouth is making at the beginning of the word (when their hands are together) and at the end of the word (when their hands are stretched apart).  

Since many of them have been doing a wonderful job and are able to isolate the sounds without the hand movements, we will be working to isolate the sounds they hear in the middle of words. We will be doing a lot of work with CVC words and Elkonin boxes.  I created some Elkonin-like boxes using rainbows and pots of gold for St. Patrick's Day!

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While visiting, please share with me ways that you reinforce phoneme isolation and segmentation!

~ Mrs. McKown

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