Standardized Testing (Freebie)

I know many of us are gearing up for standardized testing.  Our spring break begins this coming Friday.  After we come back, we'll only have 3 weeks to get all of our instruction and reviewing in before my students start testing.

All of my students are struggling readers and have a difficult time reading the passages found on our state's test.  That doesn't even include how they have to try and read the testing questions.  All those words like difference, passage, sidebar, italics, theme, etc. can be super tricky for struggling readers.

I decided to try and treat these words like sight words.  I made a Reading Vocabulary game to practice reading these words in isolation, and I hope that it will carry over onto the actual test.  I'm offering this game as a FREEBIE and hope it can help some other struggling readers do better on their state testing.

I'm also really excited about this game that I made specifically for one of my students with autism.  He helped me come up with it, so I hope he loves it.

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