State Testing Coming Up?

How many of you have state testing looming around the corner?  The testing begins next month here in New York State.  Although I am not working with anyone in the testing grades this year, I wanted to share with you 2 activities that step away from filling in bubbles on an answer sheet.  I did both of these with my 3rd and 4th graders last year. 

My students had a difficult time answering questions related to passages that required them to follow directions.  I created a little game-like activity for them to read a short passage that included steps or directions.  They then had to select a card that listed a multiple choice question, worded in a way that they may see it on the state test. They really enjoyed this.  It provided them with an interactive activity while they practiced reading passages and answering multiple choice questions, all while exposing them to the vocabulary they may encounter on the actual test.
Click on the picture below to learn more about this activity!

The second activity was done to practice identifying main idea.  I spent a lot of time and many lessons reinforcing the need to read through the entire paragraph and/or passage before coming to a final conclusion about the main idea.  We practiced this through lessons using a bag filled with related items.  
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(This activity probably looks very familiar to you, since I recently reposted about it. But wanted to include it in case you missed it!)

As always, I love to hear the fun activities you do with your students to reinforce these concepts!

~ Mrs. McKown

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