Teachers Taking Care of Teachers!!

Just in case you missed this post last week. 
Below is a wonderful opportunity to reach out and help other educators.

A sweet blogstalker, Anne, emailed Teaching Blog Addict this week with hopes that we would reach out and help teachers affected by the recent devastation caused by tornadoes in five U.S. states. She was not alone in her idea or passion to lend a helping hand. Many teachers felt the same but asked what can we do about it? Come by and see how you can help, link up and spread the word, and most importantly lend your gift of being a nurturer and encourager. Teachers share a bond and love of education. We are quite a mighty force and even though we are sometimes undervalued, we understand the importance of our role, which is fueled by our passion. Let’s lend a helping hand to those who need it most so learning will continue and teachers can do what they do best, TEACH! 

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