Teaching Adjectives to Kindergarteners with a FREEBIE to Help You!

It seems so far fetched, but, these days, it is just one of the many concepts and/or skills that are required of us in kindergarten.  Truthfully, I don't know that they will be able to recall the word ADJECTIVE, but, they definitely will be able to describe the nouns
(that they've already learned about, of course!). 
Like with anything you teach kinders, you start the teaching with what they already know best...well...that is themselves, right?

That is just what I did to introduce adjectives.  I had them describe themselves with several different words, write them down and then...the fun part!  We created The ADJECTIVES of ME posters by just adding an action shot of the kids to a large piece of paper and surrounding it with their adjectives.  It was simple, but it drove the point home AND they look oh-so-cute (important, right?).
With all of my awesome guest posters this week, I had to jam pack today's blog post with tons of fun and learning and it includes a link to a free printable to make sure your students are getting adjectives, too!  Hope you find at least a couple of things that are useful to you this week.

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