Who Wants a FREE iPhone/iPad app EVERY Week?

At The Moffatt Girls house, we LOVE our iPhones and iPads...in moderation of course;)  Let's face it, technology is the future:)

I recently stopped by one of my FAVORITE places...
(I know that symbol just brought a lot of happiness)

While waiting for my Carmel Frappuccino, I noticed that Starbucks offers a Pick of the Week app from the App Store!  Each week, Starbucks puts out FREE paid apps for music, e-books, KIDS apps and more!    So the next time you are at Starbucks, be sure to get your FREE Pick of the Week card so you can download your FREE app! (Not that you need another reason to go to Starbucks!)

You can hop on over to The Moffatt Girls blog to see which app we got for FREE this week!  Let me give you a hint... it is a KIDS letter tracing app that retails for $3.99.  Just another reason to get your weekly caffeine fix!

Here is a sneak peek...
Click on the picture to learn more..

                                                        The Moffatt Girls

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