Word Wall and Environmental Print Linky Party

Word walls are something I see in almost every classroom. They are sometimes on walls, on doors, on cabinets, or shelves. Wherever they are, they are a useful and important part to these classrooms.

Students can use the word wall for writing and for Daily 5 word work. Make the words wall even more special and include your students' names!

If you are learning a topic or studying a theme, include words from your study and give them a special color so the kids can pick them out easily. Need to boost math word usage? Include them in your word wall! 

I also talk about environmental print. Students can connect with this because this is what surrounds them; a part of their life.

     I've posted a few pics from other bloggers of their word walls. I also posted a pic of a word wall from a  teacher I sub for. And I'm having a word wall linky party.

So come on over!

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