5 minutes until the bell....what do you do???

We all know that time of day.  You have finished your lesson.  The kids are packed up, ready to go to recess, lunch, or home.  They are staring at you, waiting for the next direction.  You look at the clock and realize you still have 5 minutes until the bell rings before you can dismiss them....5 LONG minutes.  What do you do?  

Well, I have a few tricks up my sleeves for just such an occasion.  Come and visit me at Teaching in Room 6 to read a few of the ideas I have, plus a whole bunch more from readers just like you.  Then, add your own ideas into the mix.  I would love to add to my repertoire and I am sure others would too!

teachinginroom6.blogspot.com   5th grade  sponge activities 
These kids are lined up for Sparkle...a really fun, and FAST game we play in those 5 spare minutes.


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