Angle Sticks

Happy Earth Day to you!!! :)

I'd like to share with you a new addition to my myriad of math manipulatives! While I was planning my geometry unit several weeks ago, I realized that I didn't have any manipulatives for making lines, angles, and all of the 2D shapes we cover (that didn't involve food). I was actually about to buy a popular angle-making set of manipulatives when I remembered something that I saw on Pinterest! I took that idea and adapted it to fit what I needed. Here is the result!

It only took a few packs of colored popsicle sticks from Hobby Lobby and 2 packages of round velcro coins from Wal-Mart to make them. The cases they are stored in are actually photo cases (from Hobby Lobby as well). My students really liked using them!! We used them to show different types of lines and angles, make various 2D shapes, and talk about attributes of shapes.

I call them Angle Sticks because the name is similar to what I was going to purchase and my initial intention was to use them for angles. Has anyone else made these?? Can you see your students benefiting from using these?

And speaking of shapes, I've got a polygon freebie scheduled to post tomorrow! Be sure to hop on over to my blog to check it out!

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