Aussie Visual Arts Unit of Work Freebie...

If you are looking for something different to teach your grade 3 - 6 kiddies for visual arts, I have created a unit of work based on the Australian artist Sidney Nolan and his 'Ned Kelly' series of paintings. Kids love bushrangers and the 3rd grade class I created this for just loved it!!

It includes both art appreciation activities as well as an art making activity and there is a unit workbook included.
The unit can be linked in to other key learning areas! I linked it in with Information Reports on Ned Kelly, in literacy class, with my 3rd graders and they loved the fact that when it came time to studying the actual subjects in the artworks, that they knew all about them from their information report research!

Pop on over to my blog Good Morning Mrs Rubie, to download the freebie doc!!

PS: I just wanted to say a very big thank you
again, to both Tamara and Leslie for this amazing opportunity to be able to be a TBA author!!

Happy end of the week to everyone :)


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