Because I Said So!

Do you ever find yourself feeling frustrated when your children are not listening? Do you find yourself getting angry at the driver who just cut in front of you?  Do you think you can make a child mind or get them to change their behavior?

Here is a powerful thought:

The only person you can make change is yourself.

When you wrap your brain around that, what happens in your classroom and outside of your classroom will change drastically.

Learning some new ideas from Conscious Discipline can help you gain your power back instead of blaming others.

Here is one more powerful thought that will change the way you help your children who might be struggling with making helpful choices:

How do I help the child most likely choose to __________, rather than How can I get the child to __________.

Come hop over to Heather's Heart to read some more about it. =)

If you are needing a little teacher inspiration, come read about being a Rainbow's Promise.

From My Heart to Yours,

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