Beginning Addition

I feel like this year I am completely behind.  Especially after Leslie from Kindergarten Works posted about subtraction in her post titled Am I the Last One?.  After reading her post, I felt like I was the last one still working on number recognition and counting.  We are just starting beginning addition.  I had so many kids who didn't know their numbers and had no number sense that I felt like I shouldn't begin another thing until the majority seemed to have a solid foundation.  Last week I introduced an addition math center from Lakeshore and the kids loved it. I noticed that many already knew some math facts.  Maybe they had leaned some facts from when we play the Roll, Count & Cover games.  Some of my kids were even writing out the math facts on scratch paper.

Even though I am supposed to be doing other things like enjoying my day off or finishing my education foundation grants that are due to my principal tomorrow, I couldn't help it.  I created these mats to use in one of my math centers next week.  They are super simple but lend themselves to differentiating.  I know my sweet and lows, will need counters and for me to check in with them frequently.  I also know that my ones who have a good grasp on number sense will able to whip right through these using the number cards to make their own facts to five.  Click the images below to download the mats for free and to visit my blog.

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