Behind the Scenes with Leslie

Welcome to my blogging queendom!
Is that really two monitors I have? The answer is yes. I thought it was going
to be be totally unnecessary when my husband first suggested it, but I love it!
I work hard at being productive (not just busy) with all that I do to sharing on
 my blog KindergartenWorks, creating products and the 
behind the scenes work that I do with TBA.

Some of what I do behind the scenes is creating and sometimes I organize {that'll be a shocker to you who read my blog - kidding!}. And I find that I email... A.LOT. Most often, you'll see my work in the shape of buttons or graphics for the special events we hold on TBA, the design of our blog and FB page. I also help with organization of some of the things you won't "see" on TBA, but will hopefully receive the benefits of!

I laughed when Tamara shared her recording studio for her radio show, because I could've taken the exact same picture of myself! We are big travelers, and I am blessed to have a laptop that helps me do it all while we are on the road so I can be productive during normal down time and still have time for family!

Little did I know when I decided to blog that I'd find these things to be true:

  • I never knew I'd open up so many accounts related to blogging and social networking and that I'd quickly have to find a way to remember where I opened them all!
  • I never knew that I'd type the name KindergartenWorks a gazillion times so that its as second nature as writing my own name!
  • I never knew that I'd learn to make jpegs, pngs, or even entire blog designs!
  • I never knew that I'd learn so many teachers by blog buttons and first names nor exchange emails to get to know them on a more personal basis!
Well, there's a glimpse behind the scenes of TBA!
Now see Ms. T, Mor, Thinking of Teaching, Kim and Tamara for more pictures.
Happy Birthday TBA and a big thanks to all our readers, followers and members!

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