Letter Love

     Being in early education, I get all kinds of excited about the Alphabet.  It is, however the foundation of our English language.  Without learning letters and the sounds they make, learning to read is impossible! 
     But, learning them is not always easy.  Twenty-Six is a pretty large number of symbols to learn, plus learning the sound that goes along with each letter can be overwhelming .  Especially for young learners.  Then, children must also learn the lowercase letter that accompanies each uppercase letter.  To add to the confusion, we have letters letters like 'W', which is actually a double-V, but we call it a double-U...why?!?!
   Letters may be hard to learn, but I still love them (as most teachers do!).  Therefore, I am sharing my Letter Packs, to help make learning letters more fun and engaging.  

Up to now, I have letters A-I available on my blog.


Please head on over to grab your own letter pack freebies!

Me and Marie Learning

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