A Big HI from the Upper Grades :)

Hi everyone!  This is Stephanie from Teaching in Room 6 and I am so very excited to be a new author here on TBA with you!

Let me give you a little background on myself.  I have been teaching since 1998 (I graduated college in May and stepped into my first classroom in July....so I was fresh off the teaching college truck when I began)  In those 14 years, I have learned so much about this profession that I decided to start a blog over winter break to share some of the ideas (and ramblings....there are lots of ramblings....I tend to do that anyway when I talk).  For most of my career, I have been in the upper elementary grades (4th, 5th, 4/5 splits, even a 5 year stint in 3rd grade) so most of what I write about is centered in the upper grades.  If you ask anyone, they will tell you that I am DEFINITELY an upper grade teacher.  My hats off to those who teach Kinder and 1st.  ;)

OK...well that is a little about the Mrs. Moorman part of me.  I will leave you with this little sign I have hanging on my wall that tells you all you need to know about my classroom.  ;) (which I of course found on my other addiction, Pinterest.)

Please stop by and say hello on my blog or on Facebook.  I would love to get to meet you!  Thank you again for having me here :)

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