Blogging Behind the Scenes with TBA

 Hello BlogFriends... and Happy April Fools' Day!

It's Kim from Finding Joy in Sixth Grade and I'm linking up with TBA as we summon our bravery and chronicle our writing habits...

Anybody else blog while lying on their bed? This is usually where I am, wearing pajamas or sweats, as I compose the contents of my latest entry or delight in reading posts from other bloggers. I'd like to tell you this is an April Fools' Day joke and that those are someone else's size 9's but they're mine!

Blogging is one of my favorite parts of any day. I love to read all of the wonderful posts from other bloggers and I have enjoyed sharing about my experiences teaching sixth grade. To find out more--and to get additional encouragement to join in on TBA's Bunny Blog Hopping adventure--come on over and visit...

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