Blogging Tip Thursday!

Has it been a whole week already?  I don't know about everyone else, but my week has gotten away from me very quickly!  OK - down to business!

Today's blogging tip video shows you how to link your pictures up in your Blogger post.  I get this question all the time, so I know there are some that could use a little video for it!  Basically what you will be doing is inserting an image into your post, then adding a website URL/email address to it so that when people click on the image, it redirects them to a new website.

Why would you even want to make clickable images?

If you are a teacher seller, it is super handy to have photos of your products, and then if someone is interested in finding out more, they can click to right where your item is for sale!  Maybe you are writing for a collaborative blog and want to redirect the readers back to your own site where they can read more.  Or you are part of a linky party that has a logo.  Making sure that clickable logo heads back to the party is the best etiquette!

Without further ado - check out the video below, which also includes a little extra bonus about how to add an image just from a URL (which may be new to a great many bloggers out there)!

Have fun and please remember to stop by my 5-Star Blogger Challenge and read all the amazing posts!  I am in awe of the exemplary bloggers out there who decided to join my linky party!  Will you be next?  I would love to see your entry as well!


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