Boggle & End of Year Writing

Have you seen those great Boggle Boards floating around on Pinterest?  I had just been drawing one on the board all year, but I finally made my own. 
My students LOVE doing this quick activity.  We usually make a game of it.  I have them try and get more words than I can or I give a reward to students that come up with a word that I didn't think of.  It's amazing practice for phonics patterns and spelling. 
Click below to download the letters and recording sheet.

I also created this numbers version that I will use to change it up now and then.  You can hang 6 numbers and have students create number sentences to get to a certain number.

 We have also been working on some end of the year writing.  We wrote letters to the Kindergarteners so they knew what to expect in 1st grade.

We will be writing to the 2nd grade teachers next week.

Head on over to my blog to download the graphic organizers, writing paper and book covers for FREE!  I have included papers to use with Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade students.

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