Book Spine Poems

Mrs. Bess was my second grade teacher. For homework one night, she asked us to create a poem. No restrictions, no line requirements, nothing. Just write a poem and bring it in the next day.

Me? I flat out did not do it. I missed recess for almost a week because I kept refusing to write it. When I finally got tired of not playing, I can up with a brilliant idea. I would just copy someone else's poem from a book and call it mine own. Well, let's just say that was not one of my smarter moments. But I think my love of "found" poetry started here :)

So when I have a student that looks at me during poetry lessons and says, "I don't get it, I just don't get it", I understand them. So I make sure to include poetry options for my locos such as found poems or book spine poems.

Book Spine Poems - simple, creative, poetry fun.

Click here to come over and read about spine poetry. I have included the planning sheet my mini-scholars use to help them think through the process.

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