Buzzing Through Letters and Sounds

Throughout the year, my students have been working to name all of the letters of the alphabet and produce their corresponding sounds.  They have practiced these skills by engaging in a variety of activities to reinforce their learning.  Throughout these last few months of school, I want to ensure my students are solid in their letter and sound knowledge.  Most importantly, I want to make sure they know them automatically.  Their ability to name the letters and produce the letter sounds fluently is very important, especially as they work on decoding words while reading connected text.  

There are many probes out there that can be used.  But I wanted to create something that would not only document their progress with me, but could also be used by parents at home.  Also, instead of it looking like boring skill and drill, I wanted it to look and sound fun to the children. So I found some adorable bee clip art so the kids can BUZZ through their letters (or sounds) as I time them!  
Come on over to learn more about it and share with me other fun ways you incorporate fluency into your instruction with letter identification and sound production. 
~ Mrs. McKown

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