Calling All Bloggers To Take the 5-Star Blogging Challenge!

Hi blogging buddies!  Normally, my posts are geared toward teaching tips and freebies, but today I have a little something unique.  My good friend, and fellow TBA author, Dana from 3rd Grade Gridiron, shared with me this really neat sign she found on Pinterest:

It really got me to thinking about blogging and even how my blogging has evolved since I started just over a year ago.  More importantly, it had me thinking about how I should be writing on a consistent basis - and how I was seeing others who were falling into the same trap.  

Noticing so many tag posts and basically advertisment posts for new products with no other content included was surprising.  I can recall a time not-so-long ago when I could go through my RSS reader and find post after post of AMAZING teaching tips and ideas for others' to use in their classrooms - many with actual photographs of the tips in action!

In an effort to self-reflect and maintain better focus going into the busy summer blogging months, I came up with a fun blogging challenge for all my fellow teacher bloggers out there and would LOVE for you to come on over, take the challenge, and then grab your award to display proudly on your sidebar for all to see you are indeed a 5-Star Blogger!  Only the best of the best will make it!

5-Star Blogger

For all the readers who are not bloggers, you can also stop by and read up on some great teaching tip posts from all the 5-Star Bloggers who have already and will be linking up in the coming days!  Yay!

See you there!

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