Can you give your insight?

Have you ever heard that "knowledge is power" or "experience brings wisdom?" Dare I say that those are close to being true... but just fall short of the mark. If you think about it we probably know some people who have lots of knowledge but little power or people with lots of experiences that come with age, but fall short in the wisdom category.

Teaching students life long success principles is indeed powerful but if they never attempt to apply them, then is there anything they have gained? Catch yourself the next time you want to say "knowledge is power" and say "Applied knowledge is power." Thinking that wisdom should come indeed with age (something great has to come from getting older right?), then choose to replace that thought with this one below...

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As we round out our last few months of school, what important life lessons or success principles to you want make sure your students leave your classroom with? (Or having at least heard if they haven't figured out how to apply it yet) Share your insight in the comments!

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