Chore Card Freebie

I've just loaded a new chore card at Teacher's Notebook. Over the years we have tried many different ways to get our kids to do their chores. With charts and lists it's sometimes more of a hassle for parents to keep reminding children to get their work done.

With this card, it puts the ball in the kids court. When they complete a chore it is their responsibility to bring the card to you to have it punched. If they bring you the card, it's the parents choice as to whether they will punch the card or not. The parent can ask questions like, "Was the job done with a good attitude?", "Was the job done when it was supposed to be done or was it done later than expected?".

The child is motivated to get jobs done and to tell their parent about their completed jobs. If they don't do the jobs or they don't tell their parents when they are done, then they don't get any reward.

I hope people enjoy this Chore Card freebie at Home School Resources


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