Classroom Mailboxes on the Cheap!

I don't know about you, but that supply budget doesn't go far if I want to buy a paper organizer to use as classroom mailboxes in my classroom.  Not to mention the fact that you might need 2 or 3 sets in order to have a slot for every student in your room!

I love using mailboxes as a way to return all papers without having to pass them back during class time.  In fact, I don't usually pass them back at all.  I assign 2 students a job to pass out anything that needs to go home either in the morning before the bell rings, or at the end of the day before pack up begins.  The same two students have this job all week, so everyone eventually gets a turn.

When I receive those lovely stacks of handouts from office for the PTA fundraiser, picture day, or other reminder to be sent home, I just place the stack into a basket right by the mailboxes and the students know what their job entails.

Of course, the very sturdy wooden mailboxes are pretty pricey, so I created a less expensive version that should last throughout the school year.  You can make a class set for less than $30 (and even make some fun desk organizers for your own desk in the process)!

Stop by The Organized Classroom Blog to see how to create these fun DIY Mailboxes customized for your classroom too!

See you there!

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