Day of Pink- April 11th

April 11th is fast approaching and do you know what you will be wearing? I do.


Why will I be wearing pink on April 11th? Because it's International Day of Pink of course!

Head to the Day of Pink website for information, resources and to order your very own Day of Pink t-shirt!

Today I am posting about the importance of talking to our students about bullying, especially homophobic and transphobic bullying. If you've never heard of the Day of Pink then I urge you to come on over to Thinking of Teaching and see what my school board has pledged to do this year and the activity I am going to participate in with my class. I even have a freebie for you!

Together we can stop bullying. But first we need to talk about it. We need to talk to our students about it. We need to tell everyone that any form of bullying is wrong and we won't stand for it anymore. 

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