Did Someone Say "Number Line?"

As teachers go through their busy days and weeks of teaching, strategies are often forgotten and left by the wayside to make room for new tricks and techniques. Today, I am here to remind you about your dear old friend, the number line. I know what you're thinking..."Oh yeah...I used to do number lines all the time and totally forgot about them!"

Number lines are really useful in math, particularly for addition and subtraction. Not only do they provide a visual representation, but they help some students focus their thoughts as they attempt mental addition or subtraction. Number lines also serve as scaffolding until students are more comfortable with working with the specific operation. A good old number line like the one below can be a great tool for students.
However, I am a big fan of the empty number line. In my opinion, an empty number line requires a bit more thinking and reasoning on the student's part, and will help to build number sense. To learn more about using empty number lines in your classroom, come on over to my blog, Teaching in the Early Years, by clicking on the number line below!
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Teaching in the Early Years

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