Do You Like Free Coffee for Reading Teaching Blogs?

Have you noticed the Punch Tab on the lower left side of TBA when you visit?  Have you seen the pop-up that thanks you for visiting then gives you 100 points?  After being the first TBA member to reach enough Punch Tab point to redeem, Leslie asked me to write about it.   In only a few weeks time, I earned enough Punch Tab points to receive a $5 Starbucks card just for visiting TBA, tweeting about TBA and commenting on TBA posts.  There are several other TBA authors, including myself that offer Punch Tab programs for free rewards on our blogs as well.  All you need to do is visit each site each day to collect your points.  In order for Punch Tab to verify you, you do need to be signed into Facebook or some other authenticating site.  You can read more about Punch Tab here.

How did I earn my points so quickly?  It was really quite easy.  I have a very simple morning routine. After I've showered, style the hair and cover up the dark circles, you know the ones that occur after late nights of blog stalking reading, I  grab a cup of coffee and sit at my computer.  The first site I visit is always TBA. Just visiting earns you 100 points each day.  I Tweet about TBA another 100 points. I read the latests post, make a comment for another 100 points.   Each site has a maximum amount of points you can earn each day.

So start earning your points today by commenting and tweeting about TBA.  Then come over to my two blogs and start collecting points there as well.


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