Do Your Students Have Time To Play?

We have talked a lot about this in my district over the last few years. At first, we thought, "No way! We don't have time for that!"

But after looking at the research and seeing play in action, we now see how important it really is. At our professional development that centered around play, we were told that it's really important when planning our day to think about the "whole child" and make sure that we're meeting their needs. Play is so beneficial!

Of course, I make sure that my play is purposeful and we call it Discovery Time instead of free choice.

My first graders are creating, problem-solving and learning together. I have teachers, construction workers and scientists in my room during this time. When we read a new Pigeon book, they get out the stuffed animal and retell the story. When we talked about retelling and used the Wizard of Oz, they wanted to make costumes and have a play. It is precious and such a valuable time!

Now, you might be wondering what I'm doing during that time. I just heard about a new idea to help me make the best use of the time because every minute counts. Visit me at my blog by clicking the button below. I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday! :)

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