Dude! It's me Skippito and I have a FREEBIE!!!

Next week we will study Cinco de Mayo.  I always include a book study of Skippyjon Jones too. My students love these books and that has nothing to do with my Spanish accent, ehem. J (And, P.S. this accent disappears in the presence of adults.) Isn’t it funny what we are willing to do to make learning fun for our students at the cost of our own embarrassment but throw another adult in the mix and I get all tongue tied and nutty? Oh the joys of Kindergarten!

I am really excited about next week. Being the ESL teacher, I think it is even more important to study our cultural differences. Next week we will learn about Spanish customs, foods, and celebrations. We will also write about how to rescue Skippito from the Alfredo Buzzito the Bumblebee Bandito. If you haven’t read any of these books, you are missing out!
Have a great weekend and head over to Kreative in Kinder to grab these fun freebies!

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