Earth Day Freebie Linky!

Hey friends!

Denise here from Sunny Days in Second Grade! Are you in a green routine? We definitely are at my school! We are very focused on conservation and environmental consciousness. Our school is located on the edge of the Everglades, so it's a very natural fit  for us. We encourage our kids to take part in our school theme, Get Into a Green Routine, through events like trashless lunch days, book swaps, thematic bulletin boards and great school-wide visuals like this one:

One of our third grade classes even serves as the school-wide Recycling Rangers! They write messages and share environmental facts on the morning announcements and they go around to every single classroom once a week and collect our recycling bins! They also encourage us to recycle plastic bottles by providing and emptying additional recycling bins in the hallway. This year they asked us all to decorate our recycling bins for a contest...more on that fun event coming soon.

As I was writing my blog post to share some ideas, I thought I would highlight some of the generous Earth Day freebies I've seen offered by my favorite bloggers, but there were SO many! (Which is totally awesome, by the way!) So, instead I decided to host a freebie linky party!

You are invited to stop by the blog and link up! Click on the pic above to join us. You can link directly to a free activity posted at a teacher store or you can link to your blog if you've just got a great idea to share!  If you don't have a link to share, you are still invited to the party to grab some great ideas for your classroom. So, come on over and let's help make Earth Day Every Day a reality and not just a catchy phrase!

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