Earth Day Special Product Review: Samsill Binders

When I was recently asked to do a product review on the binders that Samsill makes, my first thought was "Ok-binders.  How is anybody going to differentiate themselves in the binder market"  Conventional wisdom would suggest that if you've seen one binder, you've seen them all.  This proved to be 100% not the case with Samsill, as they rethinking the binder industry in ways that are very creative and practical.

Within 5 minutes of viewing their website, I was hooked.  Their products are unbelievable.  Like many other binder suppliers, Samsill provides great looking, easy to use binders which perform a certain function in life.  The differentiating feature Samsill provides is that they go the extra mile with their products, with multiple product lines designed to do something beyond holding papers.  Some are built to help protect the Earth and its' environment, spread awareness for great charities, and some help promote a cleaner, germ free classroom.  Take a look at this video that is available on their site, I was amazed when I saw this. 

click play and be amazed

My favorite is the Clean Touch Antimicrobial Series, which comes with a lifetime guarantee, is produced with 45% recycled materials, and was created to promote healthier and cleaner schools and offices.  The video below shares some information that is a big selling point for those who teach in a classroom or have young students attending school. 

Samsill isn't just for the teacher or student in the family, as they also provide fantastic individualized solutions as well.  Samsill carries many great products such as laptop cases, padfolios and business card holders available in their business accessory section and are produced with the same quality and principles in mind as the binding series.  One of my favorite accessories is the multistorage binder unit.  How cool would this be to have in your classroom?  I've never seen a unit that takes up such little space yet holds so many binders!

They also offer the highly popular and productive Speedy Spine series, which loads 5 times faster than normal binders.  This is a great addition for anybody that has to do a lot of work in and out of binders, as it cuts back your work time and reduces frustration.

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Disclaimer: TBA was compensated for this review.

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