Fairy Tale Fun! Baby Bear comes to School!

Friends~My little Ian helped me collect items for my Fairy Tale unit that started today.  He grabbed his Heart Beat bear that he used to sleep when he was a baby and told me to turn him into Baby Bear for Goldilocks.  How sweet is that???  So, check out what I did!  It is so adorable and my kiddos are getting a huge kick out of it!

I added the little speech bubble that says, "Somebody has been eating my porridge!"  In my wreath, I added a magic wand and I mounted my favorite copy of Goldilocks by James Marshall next to it!  Baby Bear has caused quite a scene down our hallway!

My students will be working in a variety of Fairy Tale centers this week such as...Cinderella's Glass Slipper Glyph.

Yes, those are Lily's horses but she totally let me borrow them!

We are also comparing and contrasting Princess Peas and Jack Beans!
They are having a ball looking at the beans and peas with microscopes!
My little Fairy Tale Scientists!

I can't believe today was just Day ONE of Fairy Tales...I can't wait to see how this all turns out:)  Head over to The Schroeder Page to read more about our day with Fairy Tales and what other ideas I have up my sleeve.  You can also grab a FREE copy of my Fairy Tale Elements packet!

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