For Upper El Only!

Grades 4, 5, 6 teachers - grab your tickets now! These four teachers have worthwhile, informative presentations in store for you at the Virtual Teaching Expo. Get the creative ideas, effective strategies and applicable lessons that work best in your upper elementary classrooms.

You'll hear from Cara, author of Teaching My Calling, and she'll be sharing how to integrate Technology into your classroom. Ever wanted to do it seamlessly and with hitting only the best resources to make your time worthwhile? You'll get the scoop on free webtools and sites that will enhance your curriculum no matter the amount of technology on hand. With plenty of student examples to help you see the possibilities, Cara will lay out her best tips and organizational tools so you'll be able to start integrating technology right away!

What's not to love about getting the best information about modifying your math instruction to increase your students' understanding?If you teach math, then join with Janaye, author of Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes as she explicitly shows you how to teach for understanding of concepts and procedures. With implementing these ideas and strategies, your students will know the "why" and not just the "how"!

What can we do to make all students successful in the upper elementary grades? With all of the content required, how can a teacher meet the challenge of helping English Language Learners also be able to read and write in English?Heidi from Raki's Rad Resources will present key strategies for teaching English Language Learners so that you can meet these challenges head on! Whether you have one ELL or twenty, you'll be empowered to put the strategies into place right away.

What kind of writers and thinkers do you expect your intermediate students to be? What kind of tool does it take to develop creative, reflective, and independent thinkers? Learning how to implement interactive student notebooks in your classroom can give your students the opportunity to develop these skills while learning content. What are interactive student notebooks? Join Mor, author of A Teacher's Treasure, as she shares the value of this tool that performs as a live journal, personalized textbook, and working portfolio. 

This event launches soon!
Be prepared to love your Extreme Teacher Makeover!

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