Fractions, Decimals, and Percents....Go Fish!

teachinginroom6.blogspot.comMy students this year LOVE to play games.  I think if I asked them to clean the entire cafeteria, but made it a game, they would be super excited.  ;)  So when I am coming up with new ways to teach my students the skills they need to learn, I try to put it in game form.

We just finished learning about how fractions, decimals, and percents are all related to each other.  We talked about equivalencies....the whole shebang.  But, knowing that my class is full of game-aholics, I created a Go Fish game to help my kids practice the newly learned skills.

Come on over to my blog to read about how I use the game in my class, how it is helping me to differentiate, and what I learned about my students from using it!  The game has even caught on with the rest of my grade level.....all of the kids are addicted! :)

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