FREE activity suggestions for helping kids become better listeners

We all want our children and students to be better listeners.  Giving them opportunities to practice listening is one of the simplest ways to help them improve this important skill set.  Head over to my blog for a discussion of simple activities you can try at home or in the classroom today to help children strengthen their listening skills.  While you're there, you can grab the 10 free listening activities for kids I just created that challenge children to listen carefully to descriptions and then select the description that accurately describes the picture.
When I taught kindergarten, I found that kids really loved the activity I discussed in my blog where I said aloud a silly sentence and they got to hold up signs that said "true" and "false" depending on what I said.  (Is the sky really green?  Do I really like to eat peanut butter and maple syrup?)  They loved looking around the classroom to see what their peers voted and I loved that such a fun game was such a simple way to practice listening skills.

I hope you enjoy these worksheets and activity suggestions.  I hope you have a great day filled with sunshine and good listeners! :)


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