FREE beginning subtraction worksheets

It's an exciting time when children are ready to begin learning about more advanced math concepts like addition and subtraction.  They just worked so hard to gain a mastery of numbers and become accurate counters, so addition and subtraction are the next logical step. To make subtraction fun (and not confusing or scary!), I created a set of colorful and playful subtraction worksheets. Plus, I set the worksheets up so that children could physically cross out items as they subtract them, so the worksheets will be easy for young children to complete successfully.
Head over to my blog and grab your free set of these worksheets and also check out my blog post for tips on helping all children become successful with subtraction. If your child is not ready for subtraction, I also have more basic kindergarten math worksheets (counting with one-to-one correspondence, learning the numbers, etc.) so you can start with those and progress up to the subtraction worksheets.

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