Free Common Core Reading Lessons K-6

You can use this site for free to find rich resources for your reading instruction.

Step 1: Visit ReadingWorks.Org and explore the free site - register for your free account, too!

Step 2: Browse lessons by Programs, Standards by State or Common Core, & Grade Levels
You can do this part without even registering - yes, all for free...

Step 3: After you select a standard and grade level, select a specific Lesson to explore!
Be sure to see the free readings/passages that go along with the lessons, too. 
You can save your favorite lessons on the site & share them with your colleagues.

Step 4: Need support understanding the lesson or want additional assistance?  No worries...
There are free tutorials to go along with the unlimited access to lessons and passages! 

Step 5: Begin collecting titles of books for your lessons from the amazing Read-Aloud Book List

The list is wonderfully categorized by grade level, concept, and title... wow - right?


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