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Most kids start learning with basic, two- or three-word sentences.  Dr. Suess is always a classic "first reader" for children, with his silly (and short) rhymes like "I am Sam" or "Cup, pup, cup is on pup."  But there's so much more to early reading than those basic sentences.  Once children start learning a few sight words (either because they recognize them on their own and commit them to memory or because they are taught sight words using flashcards), they can start to read more advanced sentences that more closely mimic real text.

I am a big proponent of teaching children sight words, and I like to the use the list of Dolch sight words since it's a comprehensive list of over 200 words that appear frequently in the English language.  To help children learn these words, I created Dolch sight words flashcards.  But what fun are flashcards without an opportunity to use them???  So I've been on a mission to create sight word sentences that are long, complex sentences that incorporate all of the Dolch sight words, so once a child learns some sight words they can tackle (and succeed at) this more advanced reading.

Today I added to my website a FREE set of sight word sentences that incorporates words from the Third grade list of Dolch sight words.
If your child doesn't know these words, just print off the flashcards first and then come back when your child is ready and grab the sight word sentences.  And be sure to check out my blog post which has fun ideas for using these sight word sentences with your kids to make the reading process even more fun!

Happy reading!


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