Free Teacher Created Resources Rolled into Some Professional Development at Home!

Who's going to the Everything's Intermediate Expo?
Hear from two excited teachers who'll be joining in the fun on April 21st!

"I've never participated in anything like this before, so I'm excited to watch different teachers share their expertise! Having taught primary and then intermediate... and found how little there is available in the resource category, just as the boys section at the stores are always smaller with fewer options. I can't wait not only for what everyone will be showcasing, but to get to do some PD virtually!" - Jena

"The best part is you can watch this at your leisure...AKA-in PJs!" - Elizabeth

You've got that right Elizabeth. Well, its up for debate as to what is really the best part! {wink!} Hear from four of your favorite teachers who are sharing right from their own current classroom experience!

Are you going? We'll pin your post about your excitement onto TBA's pinboards! Be sure to leave a comment linking to your post.

Wait, we didn't forget to mention the goodie bag of free items that come with the launch weekend did we?

You'll also get a certificate for attending! You've got everything to gain!
Click the image below to find out more and get your ticket!

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