Frog Fun!

We've been "toad"ally busy this week!
(Yes, frogs and toads are different but we've been learning about that too!)
Okay, I'll admit...I really don't like frogs.  I once had one jump on my foot a few many years ago when I was at summer camp.  It scared me to death!
So when we decided to do a frog unit this year with the Kinders I was not pleased.  Nor was I interested!
But, let me tell you, learning about frogs is actually really interesting (and so much fun!).
I can't believe the fun activities and crafts we have been doing for our frog theme!
This frog craft came out so cute!  If you look closely you will see that the students wrote a frog fact inside the mouth.

"Hop" on over to my blog to see pictures and get your free frog number game!

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