Getting Kinders Excited About Writing

Nothing gets me more excited about teaching than seeing my students' growth as the year goes on EXCEPT that moment when my students also recognize their growth and say things like "I love this, I want to write more!"

This actually happened in my classroom (on late Friday afternoon nonetheless!).  It was shortly after my little friend had thrown dropped his paper to the floor and declared that he would not be writing because he doesn't like to.  I don't know if it was my threat warning that he could write it during play time or if he realized that he actually COULD do it, but, before I knew it, I had him running up to me after EVERY sentence and excitedly scooting back to his seat to write more (this happened 7 times, but who's counting?). My little friend whom I write about started school only knowing 4 letters and lacking any semblance of self confidence.  This 7 sentence descriptive writing that he happily completed made me SOOOO happy, but his joy is what made me even more excited.  I have this feeling that writing for him will be all downhill from this one experience.

What got him to this level of eagerness and excitement and confidence you ask?  It was the topic he was given, I do believe.  This child is an ARTIST at its finest.  He cares and really thinks about his drawings and his projects and the project "Invent an Insect" that we had completed in the morning was no exception.  Once my little friend got over his anxiety, he got excited to tell me all about the insect that he had created which happened to be an "Exploding Volcano Bug" who "spits lava and is always hot".

What child wouldn't enjoy writing about something that they easily invented, drew and colored?
Allowing this child this experience brought out his creative side and gave him the opportunity to realize that he CAN write independently.  What kinds of experiences do you give your own students that will allow them to explode as writers?
Come on over to Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business to get the FREE materials you need to do this fun, exciting writing project "Invent an Insect" with your own students, which can also be used as an informal assessment at the end of your insect unit.

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