Gifted Homeschoolers

Did you know that gifted homeschoolers have their own forum? Since my children are basically average, I have never needed to dive into the area of gifted programs or materials. They each have their own strengths which have developed even more as they have gotten older, but I was always able to keep up with them. As I have communicated with my list of homeschoolers, one mom with gifted students suggested that I check out a gifted website.

After talking with Corin Goodwin founder of the Gifted Homeschool Forum by email, we decided that an interview would be a good idea, so last week she sent me the answers to my questions and I posted them on my interview page.

I learned quite a bit about what parents of gifted students have to deal with and how they have banded together to build this forum. I asked her a bunch of questions and she gave me some great candid answers. If you have gifted homeschoolers or if you're not sure if your children are gifted or not, then head over to gifted homeschoolers and see all the resources and answers that Corin gave me.

gifted homeschoolers

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