Greetings from Mrs. Johnson's First Grade!

Greetings from Mrs. Johnson’s First Grade!
Hi everyone!  My name is Stacy and I am so excited to be a part of the TBA fun!  Just stopping by to say hello and tell you a little something about myself.
I am finishing my 4th year as a First Grade teacher in a wonderful school with an 80% ELL population in Southern Arizona.  I love it!!  Before teaching 1st grade, I taught 2nd and 4th grade.  I have to say my favorite is 1st!  The little darlings are so fun to work with!
I have a daughter starting Kinder next year….Holy Smokes how time flies!  My husband follows in my footsteps as a First Grade teacher as well (only at a different school in the district).  He gave up being the local weatherman to take on the wonderful world of teaching.  God love him for that!
Well, enough of me.  I hope you all are enjoying what is left of this awesome school year!  With spring in the air, I have a little freebie if you are on the subject of plants.  Enjoy!
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