Happy Saturday, everyone!  I have a fun day ahead of me with a bridal shower, church, dinner, and sleep!  :)  Tomorrow, I have a lot of work to do.  Most of it will be easy to accomplish, but I have one task that is always impossible.


I have to select students to receive an award at our Awards Assembly.

You may ask, "What's an Awards Assembly?"

Exactly that.  An Assembly for Awards.

Well, at my school, it is a red carpet event.  Literally.  We roll out red butcher paper for the students to walk down.  When they reach the stage, our principal ceremoniously hands them their award.  Meanwhile, music is playing (super fun songs like "Celebrate!") and we have a section "roped off" for parents to take pictures. It's a HUGE DEAL.

As I type this, it sounds like so much fun so why is this task so impossible for me?

Well, there are not enough awards to go around now that our class sizes have exploded into oblivion.  Not enough, now that the kids outnumber me 32 to 1 and I work in the trenches every day.  Not enough.

So it's nearly impossible to decide who should receive an award this year and who should not.  Every kid deserves an award for something . . . even if it's just because they showed up.  Sometimes it's a stretch, but I can usually come up with some kind of reason.

To combat this agony, I have started giving my own awards in the classroom near the end of the school year.  Every child receives one.


Some parents don't think this is good enough.  Seriously.  Come on over to my blog to read about how one parent reacted when her child only received an award for Writing.  The nerve of me, the teacher, to do that!  What was I thinking??????

A Teeny Tiny Teacher

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