High Interest Books for Boys

I'm always looking for high interest books for the boys in my class (and my own little guy). To prepare for opening day of baseball season (which is huge deal where I live), I went on a book hunt for the perfect book to help my own kids and my students celebrate opening day. My daughter frequently accuses me of having "a book for every occasion". She laughed when I pulled out a book for opening day, but was just as excited as my son to read the cool baseball facts!

I hit the jackpot when I ordered this set from the Scholastic last month!  I found it in the Leveled Nonfiction Guided Reading Level A to N order form.   The book we read for opening day was Cool Baseball Facts.  The set in the Scholastic order form includes four books:  Cool Baseball Facts, Cool Skateboard Facts, Cool Pro Wrestling Facts and Cool BMX Racing Facts

The books include real photographs, a table of contents, a glossary, an index and internet sites.  The text is appropriate for most lower elementary students and the word counts range from about 170 - 200 words.   Next year, I'm going to add this to my lessons for introducing informational text features.  I know my girls are gonna love these too! You can click on the image below to visit the Scholastic website.

There are additional titles in the set that can be found on the Capstone Press website.  Those titles include:  Cool Basketball Facts, Cool Football Facts, Cool Hockey Facts, Cool Soccer Facts and Cool Stock Car Racing Facts.  I emailed Scholastic to find out if they will be adding any of those titles to their catalogs, but I have not heard back from them yet. 

Last summer, I did a book review of Pam Allyn's book Best Books for Boys.  As a result, I've been really trying to focus on improving the choices in my classroom library for boys.  You can read the posts I did about her book (here) and my shopping trip (here).

Batter up!

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