Home School Story

Here is our home school story.  I think it's fun to hear about how people got started in homeschooling and what kinds of resources they use. Deciding to homeschool is an individual family decision, but once you decide or feel called to homeschool, it's great to see how all the pieces fall into place. I always say that God is not going to call you to homeschool and then not give you the resources to follow through. Some people have more money than others and although money would be a great resource to have for homeschooling, it's not completely necessary. I know some homeschoolers who have very little money who do an awesome job working with and teaching their children everything they need to know.

This page basically tells you about how I want to provide information on my website to help others be successful with homeschooling. I've listed my tips on how to get started with homeschooling, how to keep from getting burned out, the ebooks I have written, and links to all my favorite resources. Enjoy!

Home School Story


How to Homeschool

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