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Home school websites come in really handy when planning your year, looking for new and fresh resources, and getting new perspectives on homeschooling. Over the years I have looked through lots of resources and used lots of materials. You could say that I have seen the best and worst. There are some good expensive programs out there and there are some bad expensive programs out there. Some books that are cheap have been more valuable to me than the expensive ones and some cheap resources have not been worth the paper they were printed on.

To save other homeschoolers some of the struggles I have muddled through, I thought I would list my favorite websites and resources all in one place. While not all homeschoolers use the same materials, when someone starts out with recommended materials and resources, they have a better chance of finding quality resources that are a good fit for their family.

I hope you enjoy my list of home school websites :)


How to Homeschool

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