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I went to a home schooling convention last year. It had been at least 10 years since I had been to one and I did find that a few things had changed. One thing that I noticed is that there were not as many people there which, in turn, made the vendor list much shorter too. I don't know if less vendors have been coming causing less people to come to the convention, or if there has been a steady decline in the number of people attending conventions causing the vendors to stop coming.

Another thing that I noticed with this particular convention was that the price was quite a bit higher than I had expected. After talking with an acquaintance there, she mentioned that the big conventions that are popular now are quite a bit cheaper than this one. This made me wonder if the smaller conventions will be able to survive if most people start attending the big regional conventions.

I'm sure the internet plays a major factor in the attendance at conventions too. Homeschool parents can get so much information from the internet and can order their materials online causing them to do a lot more from home.

Still, there is nothing like being able to actually look at a real book and leaf through it and be able to tell whether this book or curriculum would be a good fit for your family. There is also something special about being able to talk to vendors face to face. They are usually very helpful.

Here are more of my thoughts about the home schooling convention - Why you should attend, what to look for, how to make the most of your time there, and where to find the conventions in your area.


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